How Do I Know AdBlock VPN is Working?

When the AdBlock VPN desktop app is connected the menu will display "Connected to" followed by the server location you have selected. You will also see the "Disconnect" button displayed.

When the AdBlock VPN mobile app is connected the menu will display a blue radiating earth symbol, the selected location, and the "Turn Off VPN" button.

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To check to see if AdBlock VPN is working, start by checking your IP address with the VPN disconnected. We like but any IP address detection site will work for this.

Once your current location and IP address has been confirmed, connect to the VPN and reload the page. Your location and IP address will update to reflect the server location selected.


Is there any way to see if I'm connected to the VPN at a glance?

Yes! On Mac, please see this article: Use the VPN status icon in the menu bar on Mac. For Windows, this is not currently a feature but we're hopeful this will be something released in a future version of Windows 11. We'll update here when this becomes available.


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