About Privacy and Tracking in AdBlock VPN

AdBlock VPN is a no-log VPN service. This means that we do not monitor, track, or store information about your browsing behavior. We do not track your IP address or browsing history when you use AdBlock VPN. We also don’t store any information about the files you download or the websites you visit.


What AdBlock VPN Tracks:

  • Diagnostic Data. By default, AdBlock VPN tracks diagnostics (i.e., whether a bug or error was encountered). Sharing this information is optional and you can disable this setting anytime from the AdBlock VPN app. You may be asked by our support team to share this information with us in order to troubleshoot performance issues. These are called "app logs" and help us see what was happening within the app at the time an error may have occurred. You do not have to share your app logs with us, but they do make it much easier to identify and correct any potential problems in the app.
  • Bandwidth Usage. AdBlock VPN tracks the amount of data you consume. We track this information so that we can calculate the costs of providing VPN services. We do not limit your data usage or charge additional fees based on your data usage.


What AdBlock VPN Doesn’t Track:

  • Which websites you visit
  • Which virtual locations you use
  • Your IP address
  • Any information that directly links you to an action, such as your downloads or other online activity
  • Anything else!


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