How to Provide Your AdBlock VPN Logs

If you're gathering your log for troubleshooting purposes, please send us the following file(s) in an email to or in a reply to our request for your log.


If you can open the AdBlock VPN menu: 

    1. Go Preferences (three horizontal lines).
    2. Select Help & Feedback
    3. Click on the Show Data Folder. A File Explorer window where you should see “AdBlockVPNLogs” listed. 
    4. Drag and drop the “AdBlockVPNLogs” file into your message.

If you can’t open the AdBlock VPN menu:

    1. Open File Explorer and in the address bar, type in %programdata% and hit the Enter key. 
    2. In the local program data folder that opens, navigate to AdBlock > AdBlock VPN > Data.
    3. Drag and drop the “AdBlockVPNLogs” file into your message.


    1. Click on the Finder icon on your Dock.
    2. On the top Menu bar, select Go > Go to Folder (or use the hotkey combo Shift + Command + G).
    3. Paste the following into the field: ~/Library/Caches/AdBlock VPN/ and click Go.
    4. Drag and drop the AdBlockVPNApp.log file to your desktop.
    5. On the top Menu bar, select Go > Go to Folder again.
    6. Paste the following into the field: /Library/Caches/AdBlock VPN Provider/ and click Go.
    7. Drag and drop the AdBlockVPNProvider.log file to your desktop.
    8. Attach the .log files to your message.


Mobile (Android and iOS)
    1. On your mobile device, tap the AdBlock VPN icon to open it.
    2. In the application drawer, select Settings and enable "Send diagnostic data". 
    3. Return to the application drawer and tap 6 times on the AdBlock icon. A new category called "Debug” will appear.
    4. Tap on Debug and toggle the Diagnostic logger on (it will display in blue).
    5. Reproduce the issue you are experiencing, go back to the Debug menu, and tap Upload log file.
    6. After uploading is finished you will get a serial number with the name of the log.
    7. Take a screenshot of the screen with the serial number and attach it to your message.




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