Using AdBlock VPN on an Untrusted or Unsecured Wi-Fi Network

These are currently mobile-only features. If you’d like to see these features on desktop versions of AdBlock VPN, please upvote the option on the AdBlock VPN feature request board.

When you attempt to connect your device to an untrusted Wi-Fi network or if the Wi-Fi network you are trying to connect to is identified as potentially unsecure, AdBlock VPN will prompt you to activate the auto-connect function.

When the prompt appears, you can tap Activate which will automatically enable AdBlock VPN for the untrusted or unsecure Wi-Fi network you are preparing to join and for those you encounter in the future. If you trust the network you are joining and don’t want to activate AdBlock VPN, you can tap No, I trust this network to add it to your list of trusted Wi-Fi networks. If you dismiss the reminder, AdBlock VPN will remind you again the next time you attempt to connect.

At any time you can configure an automatic AdBlock VPN connection or add trusted networks using the steps below.

Enable VPN auto-connect to untrusted Wi-Fi networks
    1. Open the AdBlock VPN menu.
    2. Tap Auto-connect.
    3. Enable the Auto-connect feature. 
Note: As soon as a Wi-Fi network is available, AdBlock VPN will connect automatically.
Add known Wi-Fi networks to your trusted Wi-Fi networks list
    1. Open the AdBlock VPN menu.
    2. Tap Auto-connect.
    3. Tap the Wi-Fi network you want to add to trusted Wi-Fi networks.
    4. Tap Add to trusted Wi-Fi networks
Note: AdBlock VPN will not connect automatically to Wi-Fi networks added to the trusted list.


To remove a Wi-Fi network as a trusted network, swipe to the left over the network and tap Delete.


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